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 Is Social Media Sucking Up Your Time?



You already know online marketing is essential to the future of your business.


You’ve tried a few Facebook posts, but the reaction has been less than encouraging.


Maybe you’ve written a blog post or two, but again, the silence is deafening.


You want to learn how to use online marketing to attract more customers, but the advice, tips, tricks and guaranteed systems are overwhelming.


Have I got that about right?


When I started my own dog walking business, I understood how important social media and online marketing was. I struggled to find resources tailored to this industry and hiring a professional marketing agency was completely unaffordable.


So I created the Woof Woof Network – a membership club for the owners of pet-related businesses. Here you will find all the information you need to create a successful online marketing system for your business.

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The network already has members from all over the world, so wherever you are, i’d love you to join us.


Membership is $30 per month, payable through Paypal.


Once your membership is set up, for you convenience, your membership will auto-renew each month. You are welcome to cancel it at any time.


You + Woof Woof Network = Success For Your Business.


This is a team effort, i’ll provide the guides, resources, training and support, you bring your enthusiasm and willingness. Then together we will use the power of the internet to grow your pet related business.


Sorry the Woof Woof Network Members Club is currently closed until the autumn, however you can join the VIP wait list and be the first to know when the doors reopen

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Woof Woof Network also runs the Twitter networking hour #woofwoofwednesday between 8 – 9 pm BST every Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you there!

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